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The Campaign for Building on Distinction

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  • Photo of the Watson Institute's new Stephen Robert '62 P'91 Hall

    Open for collaboration

    Slated to host its first classes this spring, the Watson Institute's just-completed Stephen Robert Hall opened this month to students and others for a series of study breaks.

  • Photo of Joe Biden at Brown

    Biden at Brown

    In a student-run Brown Lecture Board event, Joe Biden articulated his vision for political change and hinted at presidential campaign plans for 2020.

  • Photo of Yemoja Festival at Brown University

    A study of Yemoja

    With artist-in-residence and visiting professor Jelili Atiku, Brown students explore an enduring Yoruba festival that celebrates water and feminine energy.

  • Photo of the 1968 Black Student Walkout at Brown University

    50 years since '68

    On the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Black Student Walkout, a course at Brown explores the events of that turbulent year, on College Hill and beyond. 


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